Social Technologies

50 Million Users gained over time:

Commercial Television - 13 years
Internet service providers - 3 years
Facebook - 1 year
Twitter - 9 months

Social technologies streamline communication and collaboration, lower barriers between functional silos, and extend networked enterprises; yet, only 5% of all communications and content use in the US are on social networks. The majority of relevant, enterprise knowledge is locked up in 1:1 e-mail inboxes. The burning question is how to effectively and efficiently share this knowledge across departments/silos, so that employees connect, share and collaborate.

We can raise the productivity of knowledge workers if we transform management practices and organization behavior. The implementation of social technologies must be well-planned and well-executed to capture the potential value of sharing and consuming content. Content must be searchable, such as hash tags to organize tweets or the standardized Wikipedia article format (both of which were created by users!). One example of a new technology is Yammer, which provides a social network for work deliverables to employees who are scattered globally.

Does your organization leverage social technologies?