Outsourcing Advisory Services

Mission: To provide business technology advisory services for companies seeking to outsource process workflows, so that an optimal solution can be successfully scoped, selected and implemented in order to help the company meet their overall strategic business objectives.

First Order Consulting provides expert advisory services in outsourcing, providing current, straightforward and objective advice regarding vendor-provided solutions. We supply assistance throughout the complete lifecycle of your outsourcing project, from determining your outsourcing strategy, to determining business requirements, to creating the RFP, to facilitating the vendor analysis and selection, to providing guidance and insight regarding implementation. We will work collaboratively with your team, to ensure practical and sustainable solutions are achieved.


  • Determine business requirements- Our assessment process to determine business requirements has multiple methods and phases for key stakeholder input, provides graphical workflows as well as corresponding detailed content, and serves as the precursor for the RFP document.
  • Create Request for Proposal (RFP)- Our thorough RFP documentation encourages potential service providers to offer their most resourceful and cost-effective solutions to meet your business requirements.
  • Facilitate Vendor Analysis and Selection- Starting with an industry landscape highlighting the multiple vendor options, First Order Consulting assists companies facilitate the vendor identification, RFP completion, analysis and selection, assisting the selection of the “better fit” vendor for each company.