People Performance

Mission: To provide strategic advisory services to transform, integrate and enhance talent and learning solutions in order to achieve desired levels of improved performance.

First Order Consulting offers an integrated talent and learning solution, leveraging experience across multiple companies and industries. We are committed to helping our clients dramatically improve the results of their business performance initiatives.

First Order Consulting helps you achieve business results by aligning the levers that determine performance toward your strategic business objectives. Our systemic approach to the talent and learning system--from the individual to the enterprise--helps guide transformations, merge key influences, and empirically validate. Using a systematic approach to analyze the performance required to meet your strategic business objectives, we provide recommendations and strategies for performance improvement through integration of the workforce, business processes, and technologies.

  • Align your talent and learning strategy with strategic business objectives using appropriate measurement standards.
  • Identify performance challenges, analyze skill gaps, and assess organizational readiness.
  • Define your optimal solution design of talent and learning processes integration points.

First Order Consulting will collaborate with you to develop a partnership that works effectively and efficiently in meeting your performance objective needs, providing the greatest possible return on your talent and learning investment.


  • Strategic Business Analysis & Planning- Align business practice to your mission, vision, and values. Analyze an organization's perspectives: financial, customer, internal process, and learning and growth.
  • Talent Strategy & Capability Assessment- Leverage our proprietary Talent Framework to set your learning foundation and transformation roadmap. Assess your organization's "as is" people performance processes, as well as build a roadmap for the "to be." Integrate the 6 key talent management functions.
  • Organization Design- Create an organization structure - from the departments to the individual job descriptions, from the job level to the work location - in order to improve organizational performance.
  • Competency Modeling- Build a customized competency model, unique to your organization, in order to set your talent management foundation.
  • Global Leadership Development- Assess, create and deploy a research-based global leadership development program to improve high potentials' career development and organization's succession planning.
  • Performance Needs Analysis- Identify the cause & effect creating the gap between actual and desired performance.
  • Spectrum Learning Solutions Architecture Analysis- Assess and design your learning curriculum content and delivery methods for optimal impact.
  • Readiness & Certification- Build prescriptive learning paths per job role (Sales, IT) to enable organizational performance readiness.