”Your presentation was truly one of the highlights of our conference. The feedback from everyone was so positive and your delivery well received.”
–Waste Management

“I was so impressed with the way you tailored the presentation to our organization…presented the concepts in a manner that made practical application easy for all departments to comprehend…it was informative yet entertaining.”
–Meals on Wheels and More, President/CEO

“John Gillis is excellent. High energy—smiling—connecting with the audience.”
“Great information presented in a relaxed, yet enthusiastic manner.”
–American Society for Training & Development (ASTD)

"I looked for a learning and performance leader in Austin who was not only knowledgeable, but someone who could inspire and motivate our members at the first program of the year. John not only met these objectives, he exceeded them. More importantly, he was an engaging and dynamic speaker who supported his content with data-driven research, audience participation, and enthusiasm for the topic."
-American Society for Training & Development, VP of Programs (ASTD)

"John emceed an educational program on Social Media for us and did a great job. I was amazed at his energy and creativity! The event featured two presentations and then a panel of five with different perspectives. His contributions far exceed the normal emcee role of simply introducing the next speaker. He was also open to new ideas and using a polling technology unfamiliar to him. John incorporated this feature like a pro. He was able to weave all the pieces together with a synergistic effect that took the quality of the event to a whole new level. I look forward to the chance to work with him again!"
-Texas Department of Information Resources, IRM Education Program Manager

“You were brilliant…It’s rare that I have found a speaker who has such mastery of his subject matter yet comes across as so approachable, down-to-earth, and level-headed…impressed by your eloquence, expertise and elocution.”
–Dell Inc., Manager

“For once I am at a loss of words to express just how impressed I was with the entire event…We need to send a HUGE thanks to John. He did an OUTSTANDING job.”
–MicroAssist, CIO

“John Gillis is truly a remarkable speaker and a first-rate professional. His knowledge and experience comes across to audiences clearly and easily. His speaking and teaching style is engaging and entertaining as well as informative…I highly recommend John to any organization looking for educational enhancement and management training resources. John has the talent and experience to generate results.”
–KT Communications, President

"Presenter was open and prompted interaction from group. He scored 100% in: 'I was satisfied with the speaker's interaction with participants.'"
-The Executive Women in Texas Government

“I really enjoyed your class yesterday….I have mentioned to [my] supervisor that the class should be taught to ALL investigators, and possibly become a mandatory requirement.”
–Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, Environmental Investigator

“His presentation was enthusiastic and his content was well thought out and on target! Everyone learned something, and we all look forward to John’s next opportunity to present to us.”
–National Business Exchange, President

“What more can I say but that your presentation was absolutely spot on! Prompted discussion and interaction between audience members…Will enthusiastically recommend you and I personally look forward to the next opportunity to share your energy, expertise, and spirit!”
–Tri-Star Network, Co-Founder

“Your humor and wit helped solidify the message of making a difference in the lives of others, and in motivating our partner agencies to continue their work.”
–Capital Area Food Bank, Deputy Director

“John was the perfect choice in delivering a captivating and lively message on the importance of communication, teambuilding, and motivational techniques…His hands-on exercises, energetic style of delivery and real life examples were highly effective…John is at the top of our speaker list!”
–Seriff Foundation, Associate Director

“John did an outstanding job speaking …. to motivate them to make a difference in our world. He had an instant connection with them and was able to deliver his message in a funny, captivating and inspirational way.”
-Alliance Abroad Group, LP, President

“He was wonderful to work with in creating the class, and provided ideas to complement what I was trying to achieve. The best part about John is his enthusiasm and positive attitude. I would recommend him to others.”
–Lake Austin Spa Resort, HR Director

"Mr. Gillis was an entertaining speaker and we hope he'll come back in the near future!"
-American Payroll Association

"As always, you did a fabulous job!"
-USAA, Leadership Development Advisor

As Moderator

“We hired John to be a facilitator…John exceeded expectations with his preparation beforehand and his passion onstage. John was willing to meet with us repeatedly and tirelessly responded to every email. The audience obviously took notice and it was reflected in our feedback surveys. People recognized that the event would not have gone as well if it weren’t for his mastery on stage. We will definitely use him again in the future.”
-Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR), Program Manager

"[Emcee] was engaging and obviously well-prepared.(Way beyond the norm.)"
-Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR), Program Manager

“Thank you for the fantastic job you did as emcee for the E-Learning Symposium! You brought tremendous value to the event. I’ve never seen an emcee so well prepared. You caught everyone’s attention with interesting information at the beginning of the program. I looked forward to the time between the presentations because you kept us engaged with questions that were interesting….You did everything right and made the day a success.”
–MicroAssist, Instructional Designer

"John did a stellar job emceeing both the Houston and Austin e-Learning Symposium for the e-Learning Council. I am envious of the way John went beyond simply directing the flow of the conference and added real value at every step. That is a rare talent."
-MicroAssist, Technical Officer

"Thank you for your timeless work in pulling together successul, cohesive events. Great job!! You not only were able to connect the presenters throughout the day, but you also made a huge impact for the participants. You are an inspiration in attitude, preparedness, energy and friendship."
-MicroAssist, Chief Operating Officer

“As usual, it was terrific to work with you. You have such a talent to moderate panels in a fresh way- your questions are insightful and energizing to the panelists and the audience.”
–entera+partners, President

“Must tell you what a fantastic job you did with moderating at the event!!”
-TX Department of State Health Services, Distance Learning Specialist

“….you did a wonderful job as the facilitator”
–Texas Comptroller’s Office, Organizational Development

“I am grateful to everyone who participated and especially to John for his insightful facilitation.”
–Foundation for the Homeless, Executive Director

“Thank you for running a great show today. I understand how much work went into the preparation…If we do this again, I know who to call!”
-Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR), eGovernment & IT Policy

“The session was very worthwhile and made even more entertaining and informative by your facilitation.”
-Texas Health & Human Services Commission, IT Strategic Planning & Budget

“John Gillis was a great moderator…He has great presence and potential as a national journalist…Please engage him again for future events.”
-"Going Social" Forum Participant


“Service Group is focused on improving our results, which starts with improving employee performance, process efficiency, and management effectiveness. John provided the tools and guidance we needed to accomplish this.”
–Service Group Insurance and Financial Services, CEO/President

“When I decided to build a custom competency model instead of purchasing an off-the-shelf product, I desired input from all levels and departments of my company to capture our “uniqueness.” This process that John implemented was not only effective in pulling the information required from my company, but it also assisted in the change management process of educating staff members about a competency model, and how it effectively integrates multiple talent management functions within HR.”
–SafeAuto Insurance, Director of Corporate Learning

“I am proud to have brought you into our organization and feel that the insight you provided was really needed.”
–Siemens, Quality Assurance Manager

“…timely and current information…warm, energetic, and engaging…I would highly recommend…to any organization that wants to see measurable results by improving employee performance.”
–WSI Internet Consulting & Education

“John Gillis of First Order Consulting is amazing, and I truly believe that GamePlan could not have found a more valuable exercise for our immediate and future organizational planning.”
–GamePlan Marketing & Events, President

“John Gillis should be at the top of every business owner’s list...His engaging personality, upbeat style and understanding of what it takes for a business to succeed have made him an invaluable part of our process. We will continue to use him again and again…Thank you, John!”
–Desha Financial, President


“I’m still just ecstatic over what you delivered and your presentation. For me, this is the most exciting thing I’ve worked on in terms of a client project in 30 years. I love technology and how, if used correctly, can transform a business. Everyone there had to be really impressed with how we (you) captured their business with their involvement. Many companies never invest this kind of thought and due diligence into what they do, how they do it and why they do it from a business process standpoint."
-MicroAssist, V.P. of Business Development

"Hiring John to help PETEX understand its business needs was one of the best decisions I made while I was at PETEX. He was very personable, with a deep knowledge and understanding of the processes involved with any major project endeavor. He was prompt and kept to his agreed upon deliverable dates while delivering an exceptional business analysis document that detailed PETEX's work-flows and needs; all the while recommending positive changes to enhance PETEX's product delivery. Upon the need for his services again, I would not hesitate to call upon him again, and I know that I would be in great hands."
-PETEX, Project Manager

“… exceptionally astute with regards to documenting the business needs while never losing focus of the relationship he was building."
–PETEX, Project Manager

“John has a great assessment tool that [others] may want to consider using. It is reasonably priced and easy to do…Very insightful.”
–DeNucci & Co., President

“… a very competent and valuable resource.”
–Department of State Health Services, IT

“First Order Consulting helped us tremendously with their RFP process, tools and templates…as well as their experience. Our company’s purchasing office was so impressed that they asked to use these documents for all departments’ vendor negotiations going forward.”
–Services Company, Human Resource Information Systems